Ecological Party of Uganda Ecological Party of Uganda Ecological Party of Uganda Ecological Party of Uganda

Ecological Party of Uganda (EPU) was founded and fully registered in Uganda under Political Parties and organization Act Number 18 of 2005 with registration certificate number 13 on 13th August, 2009.

Our Mission:

The goal of the Party shall be the establishment of a truly united and peaceful Uganda and the empowerment of the people of Uganda to determine a better quality of life for all Ugandans

Our Motto:

Peaceful Co-existence for Sustainable Development” 

Summarized EPU Strategic Objectives as per the PARTY 2016-2021 Strategic Plan;

  • Sustainably raise, manage and utilize financial resources in an efficient and accountable manner.
  • Manage information and communication in an efficient and timely manner to ensure effective operation of the party
  • Establish and sustain effective party membership and structures at all levels.
  • Empower leadership with ideology and skills; recruit and develop women and youth leadership.
  • Establish a system that promotes and sustains party discipline
  • Crystallize and safeguard party ideology, identify and culture for a shared destiny
  • Establish an effective nation-wide structure capable of winning presidential, parliamentary and local council elections in 2021
  • Establish reliable alliances with sister parties in other countries
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the Party strategic plan (M&E)

Fight Poverty & Ignorance

Enhance Transparency

Harmonizing Freedom

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